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That's Rather Hideous: Skittlelicious in Silver Lake

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That's Rather Hideous examines questionable decisions in interior design as revealed in listing photos. Nominees, please, to

Another reader submission for our intermittent interior design feature! Via a reader email: "We live in the neighborhood and have always referred to it as 'the Lakers House', but after seeing the interiors, I'm not sure it doesn't deserve something more descriptive." Ok, we'll give it a shot. It looks like a bag of skittles exploded in there--or it looks like a house designed for The Real World circa 1995. According to the listing, it has been "completely transformed by renowned architect, Benjamin Clavan, AIA." Price for this flamboyant four-bedroom, four-bath: $1.2 million.

· 1684 Rotary Dr Los Angeles , CA 90026