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Report: Congestion Pricing For LAX When Hell Freezes Over

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[LAX via Curbed flickr pool member patrickLA]

Okay, maybe it didn't exactly say "when hell freezes over," but the report from LA's Department of Transportation basically says do not implement congestion pricing for LAX until the Green Line finally connects to LAX and some sort of people mover has been installed. In our lifetime? Doubtful. The report, issued February 20th, analyzes the potential mayhem that will ensue if people are required to pay a toll to drive to the airport, with the goals of discouraging car traffic and reducing congestion around the terminal. Backups, confusion, technological shortcomings, and no noticeable impacts are just some of the fun results.
Some of the more interesting findings:

· Since tolling programs are not common in Los Angeles County, public acceptance will be a major challenge.
· LAX patrons do not have as much discretion to shift the times that they use the Central Terminal Area to a less congested period due to fixed flight schedules.
· The initial capital costs of implementing an electronic fare collection system at LAX could range between $40 - $80 million. Annual labor and maintenance costs are also significant.

· Processing rates above ten seconds per vehicle for fare collection are expected to cause queuing lengths and delays that would affect the operation of the Airport and cause gridlock conditions throughout the entire day in the vicinity of the Airport. · Report from Dewpartment of Transportation [City of LA]

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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