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Rumblings & Bumblings: Wilshire & Barrington, Downtown Lights, Naked Lady on La Brea and More!

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New to R & B, new to Curbed, or new to America? Here's how it works: You ask questions and we do our best to find answers. You may comment by email, ( or through our friendly comment system. Answers posted on Thursday.

1.) West LA: "Any insider info on this proposed high-rise development at Wilshire and Barrington? The lot was cleared in early 2007 and has been vacant for almost a year (except for a lucrative Christmas tree lot!). I presume they saw the market go south and are thinking twice about this huge Brentwood/West LA project..."

2.) Central City West: "I was wondering if you could help shed some light on why the street lamps on Wilshire Blvd. in Central City West (from the 110 freeway overpass to at least Witmer St.) are completely turned off at night. With so many new residential projects completed along Wilshire (1100 Wilshire, GLO, Vero, Piero, etc.), there should be every effort to promote a safe walking environment for people, especially after sunset. Currently, it is extremely dark and scary to walk through there at night and I'm hoping the city will turn those lamps back on. Why haven't they done so already? What are they waiting for?"

3.) Mar Vista: A reader who pumps gas and takes photos. "Any clue whats going at this scrappy looking corner (pictured) of Palms and Centinela? its right across from the gas station where i get my gas. is it new retail or whats going on here?"

4.) Los Angeles: "What's up with the (currently) white building on La Brea just just north of San Vicente on the west side of the street? It has had a new and amazing paint job at least twice in the last three weeks and then gets a whitewash. Once with black and red blood drips and another with a naked lady. It looks like its for a movie. Any ideas?"
5.) Hollywood: Hollywood Dell townhouses? "Theres construction going on at the holly entrance of the dell. probably a candidate for "that's fuckin' hideous". still curious if anyone has any info....

6.)Westchester: "There is a lot of construction going on just North of us in Playa Del Rey. (Area code 90066 I think). It’s Playa Vista, and the Clippers new practice facility and I’ve heard that the architect who designed the Grove is putting in retail space there as well. Do you know details of exactly what is planned for that area? It’s the land East of Lincoln, West of Sepulveda. South of Centenela, then South of Jefferson. North of LMU hill. Any info would be great.