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Construction Watch: 8000 Sunset's Makeover

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Despite its prime location, it looks like 8000 Sunset, situated at Crescent Heights and Sunset Blvd, is falling on hard times. The retail development, undergoing a major makeover, is half empty now that Virgin Megastore is gone but there's no word on what's moving into the Virgin space. (Flashback: Just two years ago, the complex was 98 percent occupied and had secured a $61 million loan for an overhaul.) The newest tenant may not be the rumored Trader Joe's (although we won't give up the dream), as the space could be snapped up for Crunch's expansion (new pilates and yoga studios). And there's no progress on the Pinkberry moving in, although a State of CA Notice of Non-Responsibility is still posted in the darkened door. And there are now barriers installed alongside the escalator. For what reason, we're not quite sure. To mark off the planned faux-gurt seating? At least demolition of SBE's Privilege, located catty-corner to the complex, is moving right along.
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