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Starbucks? Quiznos? Nope. Little Tokyo Lofts Gets Mental Health Services Facility As Tenant

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The Little Tokyo Lofts at San Pedro and 5th in downtown now has a mental health facility in its 6,500-square-foot retail space , a move that has some residents, who would prefer a retail store or restaurant in the building, less than enthused, according to the LA Times. Meanwhile, the owner of the space says he couldn't find a retail tenant to fill the space, while the director of SSG Central, the mental healthcare provider, says moving into the residential building wasn't their first choice, but the company couldn't afford rents elsewhere. So, basically no one is thrilled about the situation. But this whole ordeal represents the core issue currently facing downtown, according to the Times: Some areas are filling up with retail, but "For Lease" signs continue to gather dust in other pockets of the neighborhood, gentrification isn't happening fast enough for some, and a lot of people on Skid Row still need a lot of help.
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