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Storefronting: Tesco in Peril, Bookstore in Palms, Whole Foods

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LOS ANGELES - A report from Supermarket News (yes, we read everything) indicates that Tesco's Fresh & Easy is doing miserably in the US. "...the 52 Fresh & Easy stores that have opened since November are averaging weekly sales volumes of $50,000 to $60,000, or about $5 a square foot — below the goal of $200,000 a week and $14-$22 in sales per square foot the company had projected." More ominously, even though the stores aren't laying people off, the article says F&E isn't replacing people who leave. [SN]

PALMS - From the informative Palms Neighborhood Council newsletter comes word of the recent opening of the Archangel Michael Orthodox Bookstore (AMOB, for short) at "3735 Motor Avenue, north of the Post Office." The storefront was most recently used as a Head Start nursery. [Palms Neighborhood Council]

SHERMAN OAKS - The Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association has heard rumblings that the two Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks may be closed and combined into a single store. They are investigating if this rumor is true. Really, how many Whole Foods does one community need anyways? [SOHA Newsletter]