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Rent Check: A Real Downtown Loft

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Ah, the days of Drum cigarettes, cheap Pinot, and little responsibility. Does anyone slum it in a classic warehouse loft anymore? Although "loft" can be a nebulous term, let's check out downtown's inventory---and we're looking for real lofts, people, not a developer's version. This sad list is the best we could come up with--and we even had to cheat a bit. The upside: Some of these places are quite big and can be used as a work/live spaces. There's also this web site that professes to offer a list of lofts for a fee.

1. $1,300 STUDIO LOFT / Apartment For Rent / Spacious In Industrial Downtown LA. Address: SANTA FE AVE. at HUNTER STREET. 600-700 square feet.

2. $2,000 Downtown Artist Loft. Address: 4th at Mission. 1475 square feet.

3. $2,450 / 1br - LOFT Address: 1610 W. 7th St. at Union Ave. 2000 plus sq feet.

4. $3,195 NY Style Loft (Downtown LA). Address: 2140 E. 7th Place. 3400 square feet.