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Ask Curbed: Are Those Fake Breasts Jogging Around Elysian Park Buying?

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Lordy, not a complaint one hears often, but a young woman from Los Feliz is concerned about all the silicone headed her way. "Hi Curbed: I've lived in Los Feliz for the last three years and like to jog around Griffith Park and Silver Lake Reservoir. I also sometimes walk in Elysian Park. In the last year I've noticed a significant spike in the number of Hollywood-looking people jogging around all those areas. By Hollywood-looking I mean the Runyon set, more blonds, more actor-tard types and I even spot more fake breasts over here now too. I thought the deal was that God gave Hollywood to the actors and gave Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park to the less genetically gifted of us. Why are they all moving over here and are they buying???"