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CurbedWire: 655 Hope, Encino Switch, MTA Meeting

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DOWNTOWN: A sales rep at air-tight building 655 Hope now says the sales center, originally supposed to open in March, won't open until April. Eh? Problems? No, claims the rep, who says it's been a matter of building out the sales office, plus delays from getting booted from their office in the Macy's building. Let's all hope the sales office actually opens in April. [Curbed LA]

ENCINO: If you've always fancied living in a rental unit in Encino named after a white tree, well, today is like Christmas for you. A reader informs us that a planned condo called White Oak Regency is now going the rental route. He writes: "It looks like they were having a hard time selling it, so decided to put all the units at an auction...was wondering if any of them sold there. Now it appears they are leasing them...Also appears another developer finished a condo development on burbank blvd. near sepulveda and decided to put the whole building for sale for 11M." [Curbed InBox]

SOUTH LOS ANGELES: Fretful about traffic and have questions about that rail construction? MTA officials are meeting with the public about the Crenshaw-Prairie Transit Corridor Study at two separate events. One of the events is tonight. [The Wave]