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StoreFronting: Johnny Cupcakes Opening on Melrose, Not Selling Actual Cupcakes

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[New cupcake concept on Melrose this May. Image via Johnny Cupcakes ]

LOS ANGELES: Johnny Cupcakes, seller of Boston's favorite hipster tees, will have a new shop in the "t-shirt weather" of LA. Look for it on Melrose Ave., "right by the Kid Robot, G-Star, Paul Frank area. The tentative plan to officially open up shop is this May (unless things move a bit quicker than planned)." [Johnny Cupcakes]

KOREATOWN: From a convenience-spotting Curbed LA reader: "The little Italy alley style laundry (ala Tibetan prayer flag) at Wilshire & Vermont recently discussed on your site seems to have been removed. It looks like a convenience mart of some type is going in the north side of the courtyard - but it ain't a Famima!!" [Tradica's Flickr set]

LOS ANGELES: A $7.2 million, 6,480 square foot, nickel-and-burgundy Dolce & Gabbana "flagship" store replaces the D&G on Robertson Blvd. by the end of May. "The new store concept will be very 'Seventies' and 'warm, a new version of old warehouses with a welcoming feel.'" [Women's Wear Daily]

CULVER CITY: It's a cafe. A shop. An art gallery. And it's staffed by Japanese maids. Royal/T is coming this spring to 8910 Washington Blvd. [LA Times]