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Tuesday Morning Linkage

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["Dukakis said Weiss’ motion to legalize apron parking cannot stand because it is violation of the Federal Disabilities Act. This act guarantees the handicapped the right to freely travel public walkways.' -Daily Bruin]

· Michael Dukakis vs Jack Weiss in battle of apron parking [Daily Bruin]
· Shazam! Housing prices tumble $110k from lofty bubble peak [LA Land]
· Faux Tuscany welcomes the end of WGA Strike [B+S]
· Terrible ZipCar plans to IPO their LA-hating service [FastCompany]
· LEED's failure: Thom Mayne's SF Fed building beyond it [Archinect]
· There are places to see in Tarzana; red barn, anyone? [Boing Boing]
· One step closer: City's Green Building Program clears hurdles [Daily News]