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Hermosa Beach Residents Sick of the Public Urination

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Boozehounds, here are the best bars in Hermosa Beach: Blue 32, Cruz Room, Union Cattle Co., Patrick Malloy's, Cafe Boogaloo, Suzy's Bar and Grill, and the Lighthouse. All of those places exceeded occupancy limits in 2007, according to the Daily Breeze, while Paisano's and Sangria was cited for serving minors, Cantina Real twice violated alcohol storage requirement, and The Shore and the Drangon violated its license by selling more alcohol than food. Nice work! All of those spots will likely be mentioned at tonight's meeting about conditional use permits of Hermosa Beach's bars and taverns. And some people, like Sandy Saeman, a 20-year Hermosa Avenue resident who apparently doesn't party at all, is upset about all the drunken fools. "I'm asking all the people that are tired of watching people urinate on their houses, people tired of hearing noises screaming into the night to come down," Saeman tells the paper. At the meeting, the Planning Commission could decide to revoke or revise conditional use permits. At least one restaurant owner cries foul, says crime decreased in the past year and the bar/restaurant scene "contributed to only a fraction of the city's total disturbance calls."
· To party or not to party ... tonight's review has bar complaints on tap [Daily Breeze]