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Gabrieleno/Tongva Indians Set To Be Reburied At Playa Vista

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True story: We know a happy young couple who bought a condo on a former Indian burial ground. Six years later the couple's marriage had ended in divorce and they couldn't sell their condo. Never buy on Indian burial grounds, folks. No brainer! The Argonaut reports that plans are finally underway to re-bury 400 ancestors of the Gabrieleno/ Tongva Indian tribe, who were unearthed during Phase I of Playa Vista development. Via the paper: "Anthony Morales, chief of the Gabrieleno/Tongva Tribal Council of San Gabriel, also has expressed displeasure with how Playa Vista handled the situation surrounding the ancestral gravesite. 'The developer was desecrating our sacred burying grounds,' Morales charged in an earlier interview. 'Building a development there was an atrocity.'" Councilman Bill Rosendahl helped lead the fight to re-bury the remains of Indians, an event that should happen this summer; a few areas in Playa Vista are being considered for the re-burial. NY Times back story is here/NPR back story is here. [Image via]
· Native American tribe seeks new resting place for ancestors with help from Playa Vista [The Argonaut]