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Rumblings & Bumblings: United Oil, Santa Monica Development, Parking

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Please answer these three questions from real life metro area-Angelenos (metrolenos) with a need to know. You may answer by email,, or through our friendly comment system. Answers posted on Thursday.

[Renderings of Kanner Architects' United Oil gas station]

1) Ladera Heights: A reader wants an update on the Stephen Kanner designed United Oil gas station. "You wrote about this a year ago and the damn thing still isn't finished. In fact it doesn't seem to be much more complete than it was a year ago. Is United Oil out of $$$ to finish it? This can't be an issue with delayed permits."

2) Santa Monica: New residences in Santa Monica! Alert the media. "Do you know anything about the building just completed on the northwest corner of Santa Monica and Berkeley in Santa Monica? Are they condos or rentals? Why can't I find out any information about this place? WHY!?!?!"

3) Los Angeles: More parking confusion. Where's LA CityNerd when you need him? "I have a parking question for Curbed: I live next to a school and there is a sign on the street stating, No Parking from 7am-4pm School Days (Buses Exempt). Since [yesterday was] President's Day does that mean parking there is allowed? How about during the summer when school is out of session?"