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CurbedWire: Aladdin's Church, Palms Development, Sam Zell Selling?

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HOLLYWOOD: Curbed contributor Neal reports the Arabian Nights-themed church in East Hollywood is close to finally losing its scaffolding. When its redo is completed, the secretive Holy Transfiguration Russian Orthodox Church—there's no website or answering machine—will add a nice touch to the sad state of affairs that is Fountain and Western (NE corner is an old gas station, NW is a mortuary, SE is an empty lot, and SW is an abandoned gas station/taco truck gathering spot). Fun times. [Curbed Reportage]

PALMS: Via the Palms Neighborhood Council email, news of a planned development for Washington and Overland, which currently houses a bank. Writes George Garrigues, president of PPNC: "I've heard the developer wants to put up an apartment building. I hope they will be condominiums. Palms needs a lot more home ownership, which is pretty much on the downswing except for Westside Village (which unfortunately has been separated from the rest of Palms and put into another district by the city — but we're trying to fix that). I also don't want to see another Victor on Venice project (at Clarington) — which was sold to us by the developer with a nice, airy drawing but ended up looking and feeling like the "Fortress of Grayitude." [Curbed InBox]

LOS ANGELES: "The Times Mirror Square complex – an icon in downtown Los Angeles for generations – may be a bit awkward to sell, noted one financier."

That's from a Slatin Report story about what Tribune properties will be placed on the auction block by barkish owner Sam Zell. While the piece considers what could be sold, some experts say it'll "never come to a fire sale of Tribune Co. assets, as Zell knows how to cut deals with lenders." Related: One reader suggested a developer cage match poll--we'd put in Trump, Zell and Caruso--though we're fairly certain Zell would immediately chew off Caruso's face. [Slatin Report]
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