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Can't Find Palmdale Airport? Trust the Free Bus!

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To bolster business for Palmdale Regional Airport, a new bus line will shuttle from the San Fernando Valley up to the nation's 549th busiest commercial airport. That's 50 miles. For free. From Antelope Valley Press:

Mark Thorpe, Los Angeles World Airports' director of air services development, said the buses will clear two hurdles for the airport - first by increasing the convenience for riders outside the Antelope Valley to use Palmdale flights and, second, by letting passengers know where the airport is without having to look at a map. "A lot of people don't know where the airport is," Thorpe said. "But the bus removes that obstacle." The Palmdale Flyer service, paid for by County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, starts April 2. It leaves Van Nuys' Flyaway terminal, stopping at Santa Clarita's Via Princessa Metrolink station, on its way to wherever the hell Palmdale airport is.
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