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EaterTastings: Hollywood's Citrus Opens, Forty Deuce Moves Downtown

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This week's top dish from Eater LA, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) Eater goes inside the newly opened Richard/Chodorow collaboration Citrus at Social in Hollywood. Gone is the Moroccan theme. In it's place, lots of, um, citrusy, colors and the best fries of Jonathan Gold's life.
2) Hollywood's burlesque loss is Downtown's gain. Forty Deuce on Melrose "will shimmy its last shake in mid-March" and plans to reopen somewhere Downtown in Fall 2008.
3) Three words we never thought we'd see together: "McDonald's" and "feng shui." And yet, McDonald's first feng shui-ed location is in Hacienda Heights. "Earth tones and exotic fauna" replace crayola red and yellow. Oh, and Ronald McDonald provides holistic massage.

4) Opening today: Beverly Hill's Luckyfish. Sushi on a conveyor belt. Watch the fish go round and round.
5) Lots of activity in Weho and its surrounding area this week: BLT Steak (slated to open in late Feb-early Mar) hired Wilshire's former chef de cuisine, the Coronet Pub is closing, and rumors are circulating of a new restaurant moving into the old Splash space on 3rd and Crescent.