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Mayor V Mows Over City Council To Make Pico/Olympic Mostly One-Way

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Antonio has shown his Giuliani side and has circumvented the City Council, pushing forth a plan to turn parts of Pico and Olympic into mostly one-way speedways during rush hour. No surprise, but some city council members and local Westside residents are vehemently opposed. They say it'll kill local business—by reducing parking—and the pedestrian nature of the street by creating an ersatz freeway. Villaraigosa's plan would turn Pico's southern parking lane into a traffic lane during rush hour, creating three eastbound lanes. Olympic would gain an extra westbound lane in the same manner. Both plans will run from Santa Monica city limits to Fairfax. City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl had some choice words for the mayor: "You just don't bowl over the community like that... It's disrespectful to my constituents and it's an insult to my constituents." Them's fightin' words.
·Mayor Evades City Council on Pico/Olympic plan [LA Times]