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Boxy Office-Condo Development Proposed for Hollywood

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The Hollywood Business Advocate reports that plans for a 72,576-sq.ft. condo-office building adjacent to the Citizen News building at Selma and Wilcox are moving forward. The development from Brentwood Capital is seeking a Zone Change/Height District change to permit 50 office-condominiums (the kind businesses own rather than lease) with 210-parking spaces. The project will next go before the Planning and Land Use Management Committee, at an unspecified date. Unfortunately, the renderings shown on the Hollywood Chamber site (the boxy version) don't quite match-up with the renderings on the Brentwood Capital site (the glassy version). But then again the Brentwood Cap site also mislabels Selma Avenue, so we'll stick with the boxy version for now.
· Selma-Wilcox Office Building Moves Forward [Hollywood Business Advocate]