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Ask Curbed: Who Pays to Dress Up My Windows

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Los Angeles area landlords are especially cruel - forcing people to hand wash dishes and pay for their own window treatments. Don't even get us started on the "no pets allowed" insanity. Where's the humanity, landlords? A renting reader queries us:

"My landlord in Santa Monica instructed me to purchase window treatments, and he will pay to have them installed. In NYC, landlords are required to provide window treatments, even if they are ugly mini-blinds. Isn't there any such law in Los Angeles/Santa Monica? Because the windows are all kinds of shapes and sizes, I would like to get custom shades and try to convince the landlord to pay for them or split them with me. Otherwise, it would make more sense financially for me to just put up "one size fits all" panels that I can take with me when I go. Any advice? Thanks!"