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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Sh*t Hits Fan at Fuller Lofts

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Thank you for commenting and questioning. You may email us at with your new questions or updates. We will Rumble again next Wednesday. Questions due by noon, 2/20.

1) Venice: The really unusual building on Winward Avenue (we dare not call it ugly, as everyone has their own definition of beauty) is from the brilliant sculptural mind of Robert Graham, husband of Anjelica Huston. Commenter Gray #1 says it's Graham's foundry.

2) Lincoln Heights: We've heard rumblings for awhile of money problems with the Fuller Lofts, all of which we've been unable to confirm. But today, we hear news that the contractors have walked off the job and that the unfinished Fuller Lofts have been locked up tighter than Fort Knox. No word on why the contractors have walked, but we're guessing it goes back to the financing problems we'd heard about earlier. Any and all tips on what's going on, welcome to the anonymous Curbed inbox.