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CityBeat Takes On Expo Line Furor

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[Damien Goodmon and the Expo Line; photo of Damien via LA CityBeat]

Maybe they'll make a movie about the herculean efforts to build—and kill—the Expo Line ("Forget it, Jake. It's Culver City.") L.A. CityBeat's new cover story tackles community activist Damien Goodmon's efforts to force the DT-to-Culver City line underground over fears that passing trains will endanger students at Dorsey High, which sits 50 feet from the tracks. But Expo proponents, including county supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, believe those pushing for a subway have ulterior motives. Says Zev, "The people who opposed this project in the first place, they want this underground because they know it would break the back of the project. Interestingly, some of the folks in Cheviot Hills [who are opposing the second phase of the project through their wealthy neighborhood] are also joining with the Dorsey people to put it underground." That monorail idea is starting to sound better and better every day.
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