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Ask Curbed: What To Do When the Dishwasher Dies?

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A reader writes in to ask if she's SOL now that her dishwasher, which was never part of her lease agreement, is DOA. As we learned from the famous fridge question, she's in trouble. Better stock up sponges and Palmolive. Madge! She's going to soak in it:

"My sister and I have been renting a two-bedroom apartment for the past year and a half. The apartment is from the 30's and has its fair share of wear and tear, but we love it. Our dishwasher has been on the fritz for the past year and it finally died. The incompetent handy man as well as the dishwasher repairman took a look at it about a month ago. Ever since then our apartment manager has been giving us the run around, about when we will be getting a new one. She finally admitted today that the owner doesn't want to spend $500 to replace the dishwasher since its not part of our lease agreement. We feel like we're getting screwed, because the apartment was leased with a functioning dishwasher. And $500 is about a quarter of what we pay in rent each month...

We don't want to make any empty threats, since we don't plan on moving. And I am assuming any legal proceedings would not go in our favor because of the dishwasher not being part of the lease agreement.... Is there anything else we can do? Any suggestions?"