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Cringe-Inducing Press Releases: Hollywood Land Hawked As "Ultimate" Valentine's Day Gift

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Behold, the release for this morning's press conference about the $22 million Hollywood land for sale. Marvel at how a big chunk of land and its owners are treated like celebrities. Via the release: "Limited one-on-one interviews with owners immediately following press conference are available upon request."



Contact: Ryan Croy

Fifteen Minutes PR


310.663.2846 (cell)
Jordan Byrnes

602.689.9772 (cell)


138 Acres Above Hollywood Sign Hits the Market Today

As the World’s Ultimate Valentine’s Day Offering


— Hollywood’s Highest Peak Initially Purchased by Howard Hughes as a Sweetheart Gift to Ginger Rogers Available for $22 Million—

In 1940, Hollywood legend Howard Hughes purchased a major piece of real estate in Los Angeles that he planned to develop into a private Shangri-La for him and his then love interest Ginger Rogers. Though Hughes never developed the love nest, it remained in his estate until 2002, and on Wednesday, February 13th, the property of the century hits the market.

Featuring unparalleled, 360-degree vistas of the greater Los Angeles area, from downtown to the Pacific Ocean to the entire San Fernando Valley, the 138 acres consists of five adjacent parcels of land with the potential to develop a single family residence and guest house on each, or a single compound spanning the entire property atop Hollywood’s highest crest. Perched adjacent to the iconic Hollywood Sign, the property holds the highest point in the region – the 1821-foot-high Cahuenga Peak – and is on the market for $22 million dollars.

WHO: Keith Dickson, Fox River Co. and Co-Listing Agents Ernie Carswell, Teles Properties Discuss the World-Famous Property – REMARKS AND Q&A

WHAT: PRESS CONFERENCE—The World’s Most Spectacular Valentine’s Day Gift Hits the Market

WHEN: Wednesday, February 13th, 11:00 a.m.

Media Arrivals: 10:20 a.m.

WHERE: Hollywood & Highland Center (to immediate right of Kodak Theatre)

6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Contact Ryan Croy or Jordan Byrnes (info above) to confirm coverage. Limited one-on-one interviews with owners immediately following press conference are available upon request.

Parking: Going North on Highland, pass Hollywood Blvd. and turn off Highland on to Johnny Grant Way to enter the center’s parking structure. Johnny Grant Way is one block north of

Hollywood. Follow Johnny Grant Way into the parking structure. Take the elevator up to level 2 and make a right out of the elevator bank towards the Central Courtyard.