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Revealed: Police Stakeout At Wilshire/Vermont Crosswalk

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Yes, what appears to be damning evidence of the great Crosswalk Bust at Wilshire/Vermont. These are photos sent in by the same reader who wrote last week's rant about how cops are allegedly ticketing walkers at the intersection. (We're not entirely sure what's going on, but it appears that walkers are ticketed if they enter the street after the hand starts flashing.) FYI, we totally side with the cops in cases where people dawdle across the street, talking on their cell phone. Throw 'em in the paddy wagon!

Writes our reader: "The first photo (above) is from Monday. The two below are from last Friday, all photos taken about 8:30am." The last photo, writes our reader shows a "woman pleading with cop who ran after her, followed her onto a Wilshire bus she was running to catch, made her get off and ticketed her."