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Storefronting: The Chains They Are A-Changin' on Pasadena's Colorado Blvd

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PASADENA: A little consolidation, a little gentrification, and a Spanish retail chain--that's pretty much the formula on Pasadena's main retail strip in Old Town. Via a reader: "I got word from a reliable source that the Gap Kids and Gap Baby that just recently vacated its space on Colorado Blvd. to consolidate its operations into one store with Gap (adult); the store will be replaced by two new upscale retail names: Kate Spade and Juicy Couture! Also, Zara will be moving into Old Town across the street."

SANTA MONICA: Whole Foods took a couple of hits last year--some questionable cyber-behavior by the CEO, questions about its growth strategy--but its acquisition of Wild Oats is finally complete. A reader lets us know the transition in Santa Monica is done: "Both Wild Oats markets in Santa Monica are now Whole Foods (5th & Wilshire and Montana Ave)."

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Pop-up stores are all the rage in retail these days. The LA Times reports that Decades on Melrose is host this week to a Lisa Perry pop-up for her spring line of vintage-inspired dresses, pants, and tunics. Groovy.