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Two Names for One Condo Project in Monterey Park

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[The Mira? Or the Mondrian? Atlantic Blvd. banner helps, confuses]

A reader with a handy camera sends news of a Monterey Park "luxury condo project" planned for Atlantic Blvd. between Emerson Ave. and Garvey Ave. This banner calls it the Mira Club & Residence and says these "resort-style" condominiums are coming winter 2009, smack dab between the 225,000 square foot Atlantic Times Square retail project already under construction and the planned mixed-use, 98-condo Garvey Villas development.

But don't bother visiting the site on the banner; it has more to do with vibrating vehicles than dapper doormen. Instead, check out Renaissance Pacific Properties eerily identical rendering of a 54-unit, full-service mid-rise residential development they call the Mondrian.

[Curbed LA reader reports: "This new condo project sits by the Ralphs supermarket and takes over what used to be Sunday Cafe, which was a late-night diner for mostly Chinese club goers."]

[Reader-submitted photo: Atlantic Blvd. banner calls this condo project the Mira Club & Residence]

[Renaissance Pacific Properties rendering calls it the Mondrian]