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Marina Del Rey Tower Brings Up Lincoln Blvd. Building Ban Question

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The Argonaut follows up with a story about the local hand-wringing caused by the 31-story Marina Del Rey Tower proposed for 4363 Lincoln Blvd. As previously mentioned, Santa Monica-based MDR Tower wants to put up 158 residential units and 3,178 square feet of retail on the old Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car spot. The developer calls it a "beautiful mixed-use development," while one local resident prefers to coin it a "monstrous" residential tower that's twice as big as anything else around it. Councilman Bill Rosendahl also calls it too big and frets about traffic, while the tower has people talking about banning new commercial construction along Lincoln, a proposal that was supported by the Venice Neighborhood Council last year.
· Venice, Marina del Rey: Anxiety soars over proposed 31-story tower [The Argonaut]