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No More Parties For Windsor Square's Scottish Rite

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Who knew the Scottish Rite Cathedral Association was so crafty as to rent out their building for boxing matches? "The history of code violations at the Scottish Rite... has been long and egregious, involving decades of significant burdens on the adjacent Windsor Square neighborhood,” wrote the state Supreme Court in a recent 19-page brief. According to the Larchmont Chronicle, the building was rented out for a live theater performance, a boxing match and other events, resulting in traffic, graffiti and noise for neighbors. The city's Zoning Administrator revoked the site’s certificate of occupancy, resulting in a civil lawsuit that eventually hit the California Supreme Court. (Yes, the Scots lost.) According to the paper, the problem could have been largely solved by permit parking. There are also two lawsuits going on in re: to the group, and Coldwell Banker Commercial Realty has the listing for the building. [Photo courtesy of the Larchmont Chronicle]
· Scottish Rite Denied [Larchmont Chronicle]