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Broker BlogWrap: Staying Mobile in Malibu

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It's another edition or our irregularly scheduled look inside the blogs of our realtor friends. if you're a SoCal Realtor with a blog we should be reading, drop us a line.

1) A doublewide will cost you more in Malibu: Where's the 'pop' in Malibu? It's out of control. "There are currently 6 mobile homes for sale in Malibu that are asking over $1,000,000. The highest price coach goes for $1.8m and during the last 3 years there have been almost a dozen sales over $1m!" [MREB]

2) Quick sales in Burbank: Looking for any sign of a turnaround, Judy finds three Burbank homes which sold faster than expected (under 18 days). Good pricing? Good location? Good deal? [SFVREB]

3) Countrywide freezing HELOCs: The Manhattan Beach RE blog notes that in some areas in the South Bay, Countrywide and Chase have started freezing Home Equity Lines of Credit, leaving some homeowners without the money to pay for improvements or their kid's college tuition. Who's affected and why? All good questions. [MBRE-RBT]