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Book Party Time! Neighborhood Odor Guide Launched

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[Via Flickr user exczech]

With Curbed readers and staff offering suggestions, the first edition of the Official Neighborhood Odor Guide for Los Angeles has been bound and published. If dogs could use keyboards, we'd have a more comprehensive guide, but this is a start. We'll update periodically! All results after the jump.

Westwood: Pine. Summer camp.

Echo Park: Dog. Cat food. Skunk. Chimney smoke.

Venice: Urine, salty air. Pot. Body odor. Sewage.

Santa Monica: Urine, salty air, jet engine fuel.

Hollywood: Urine. Wet dog. Chicken. Cake. Semen, because of those bushes that smell like semen.

Los Feliz: Pot, because of that tree that smells like marijuana.

Downtown: Urine. Hot dogs wrapped in bacon with a side of onion and mustard. Dust. Chemical.

Cheviot Hills: Jasmine and cold wind.

Museum Mile: Methane.

Palms: Exhaust. Dryer Lint

El Segundo: Raw Sewage

Beachwood Canyon: Burning plastic at 3pm daily.

East LA: Good ass Mexican food in general

North Hills: Barley and hops

Silver Lake: Body odor. Semen because of those bushes that smell like semen. Wet iron. Orange blossoms.

Sun Valley: Smells like the Land Fill.

Wilshire/Vermont: Kimchi and Corn on the Cobb

Downtown Long Beach: Sea salt. Diesel exhaust

South Pasadena: Semen because of those trees that smell like semen. Polo cologne. Bubble gum.

San Pedro: Diesel fumes. Refinery. Ocean breeze.

Fairfax District: Mustard on Rye

Compton and South Central: Coco butter and gun powder.

Chinatown: Plucked chicken and wet dogs.

Beverly Hills: Chanel No. 5 and fromaldehyde. Nothing.

Foothill Avenue in Azusa: Around Costco always has a nice smell, whether it's baking bread, maple syrup, or cinnamon buns.

Pomona: The odor of 10,000 head of cattle confined to a Wal Mart Parking lot, with a hint of urine passed by 10 bums after a Mad Dog bender, and a dash of several cars that sure as hell didn't pass emissions.

Hollywood + Vine: Skunks, or is that skunky weed?

Culver City: Sulfer. Very rotten eggy.