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Wood Skeleton in West Hollywood Listed At $985K

It was just a few months ago that readers asked about the unfinished home on the northwest corner of Westbourne and Sherwood in WeHo. The wood skeleton sat there for the better part of a year or more with no construction or movement. You told us tales of a legal logjam: "The contractor filed a mechanics lien against the owner in January [2007]. The original teardown was purchased in 2002 for $459,000. Owner owes the builder 39k plus a years interest at 10%." And more: "Long time legal dispute. Apparently contractor used lower quality wood and connections than what was required. DBS shut it down. Heard that project is salvageable with substantial cost. Now owner is suing GC and GC put a lien on the project. Fun stuff." Now another eagle-eyed reader updates us with news the (non) house is on the MLS for $985,000. And looking for a backup offer. Asks our reader: "Who would buy a building that's not even half built for almost a million?" Location, location, location.