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18th Street Gang Sued For Taxing, Devaluing Neighborhoods

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In what's being called the first lawsuit of the its kind, City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo yesterday filed a lawsuit seeking cash damages from now-imprisoned gang members who worked the Pico-Union and Westlake areas, charging residents, among other things, an illegal "street tax." Writes the LA Times' Richard Winton: "The lawsuit targets nine imprisoned leaders of the 18th Street Gang, including two leaders of the Mexican Mafia, and demands civil damages on behalf of residents of two city neighborhoods. If successful, the suit would distribute proceeds from seized homes, businesses and other assets to neighborhood residents who cannot file suit themselves because they fear retaliation, prosecutors say." According to the paper, not only does the suit seek compensation for all property damage and property devaluation, but it also looks to recoup losses for "time in which residents could not use public parks because of gang activity." The Streetsgang site says that the 18th Gang works in four different neighborhoods: three near downtown Los Angeles west of the Staples Center and the 110 Freeway, and one in the West Adams area; Streetsgang also publishes a list of all the streets (locally) that the gang allegedly works. And according to this June 2008 NPR story, the gang has as many as 30,000 members locally and internationally; the gang "offers protection from rival gangs in exchange for kickbacks from illegal street sales on narcotics, fake green cards, passports or driver's licenses....[they also] tax illegal vendors..and the gang takes a cut from people who sell food, anything counterfeit or anything illegal that goes on in the street." All the gang members are named in the summary (after the jump). Why do we guess that "Mousie" is the biggest guy of all?

Case Summary

Case Number: BC403319

Filing Date: 12/08/2008
Case Type: Intentional PI/PD/WD (eg. assault) (General Jurisdiction)
Status: Pending

Future Hearings

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ALVAREZ JOSE JUAN - Defendant/Respondent

BARVO ARACELI - Defendant/Respondent

CASTRO RUBEN - Defendant/Respondent

CHAVEZ NOE - Defendant/Respondent

DANDY BOY - Defendant/Respondent

DELGADILLO ROCKARD J. - Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner

DOES 1-50 - Defendant/Respondent

LIL DUSTER - Defendant/Respondent's AKA

MARTINEZ FRANK - Defendant/Respondent

MOUSIE - Defendant/Respondent's AKA

NITE OWL - Defendant/Respondent's AKA

PANTOJA SERGIO - Defendant/Respondent


PEREZ JOSE MORALES - Defendant/Respondent

PINEDA MICHAEL - Defendant/Respondent

PUPPET - Defendant/Respondent's AKA

TECO - Defendant/Respondent's AKA

TECOLOTE - Defendant/Respondent's AKA

TORO - Defendant/Respondent's AKA

TORRES EFRAIN RUIZ - Defendant/Respondent

TRAVIESA - Defendant/Respondent

TRICKY - Defendant/Respondent's AKA

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WICKED - Defendant/Respondent's AKA

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Documents Filed (Filing dates listed in descending order)

12/08/2008 Complaint

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