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Rumblings & Bumblings: No Go on NoHo14? Silver Lake Cell Booth, Odd Housing by the Freeways

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Thank you for the questions you emailed. All of our lives will be enriched by this experience. Questions? Comments? Tips? Rants? Email us at

1) North Hollywood: Hey, is anybody living in the ghost tower? "Any news on NoHo 14, are renters finally moving in, does anyone know how much the rents are going for?"

2) Silver Lake: An art installation has been spotted in Silver Lake (maybe). Looking for confirmation, pics, etc. "I spotted one of those London-styled phone booths next to the Citibank sign at Silverlake and Glendale. A sign on it said "Cell Phone." Can't tell if it's art, an actual "cone of silence" type thing, or both. Unfortunately, MY cell phone doesn't have a camera."

3) Pico Aliso: "What is up with the newer housing that is located just west of the 101 between Whittier Blvd and the 10 interchange? I've noticed this before, but never really realized how out of place it seemed until looking it up on Google Maps. I'm guessing many of the buildings are housing projects, but there also appears to be some newer single family homes in this area as well just off N Clarence St."