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Report: Angry Home Depot Resumes Suit Against City

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Details are scarce on this one, but according to the web site for that group fighting the Home Depot in Sunland-Tujunga, the chain has resumed its $10 million lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles. This move follows last week's decision by the City Planning Department to reject Home Depot's request for an exemption for a full environmental assessment. Back in November, Home Depot filed a lawsuit against the city, but according to activist Ron Kaye's blog, Home Depot "put the lawsuit on hold while the city's mediators tried to get around opponents and the planner went about the process of analyzing the company's claims that the store conversion was just a simple remodel with new signs and security lights." The initial suit stems from the fact that Home Depot got a building permit first, but then the city decided that environmental review process was needed (and during all this time, residents started gathering support against the project). Home Depot has stated that since the new store is a remodel, such a review process wasn't necessary. According to the No On Home Depot people, the case will be heard in mid-July of 2009.
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