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Crazy Gideon's Crazy Arts District Project

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Gaze upon a rendering, elevations and floor plans of a planned adaptive re-use project/new apartment complex for 814-828 Traction Avenue, site of the current Crazy Gideon's appliance and electronic Arts District store. Owner Gideon Kotzer is now in the process of trying to get the project, which was first reported by Blogdowntown, entitled, according to Brandon Finch, senior planner with Elizabeth Peterson Group, a land use consultant firm. Originally, the project was going to be 76 condominiums, but now it'll be 75 apartments. Per City Councilwoman Jan Perry's request, one unit was dropped to make way for a community space for locals, according to Finch. As far as the complex, there are basically two components: The Gideon warehouse will be converted, while a new structure---with 139 subterranean parking spaces--will rise on the adjacent parking lot. Additionally, there will be two ground floor retail spaces (20 parking spaces will be for the units for the retail shoppers). Meanwhile, there's a Planning Commission public hearing on the project on December 11th--you should go and meet Gideon Kotzer. The man is entertaining! He shouts a lot (but in a happy way) and will tell you how he used to be a playboy.
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