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New To Market: Hollywood Versailles Tour De Something

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This listing catches the eye because the seller is offering to pay one year of the buyer's HOA dues. That could be quite of bit of money, but how about just lowering the price? This building is located in the Hollywood Versailles Tower at 7135 Hollywood; the listing proudly lists it as a "Architectural Tour De Force with panoramic views from the Hollywood Sign to Downtown envisioned by John Heglin, AIA. This coveted 12th floor corner unit, located within one of the Sunset Strip's premier full-service high-rise buildings, has been renovated from a shell out in 2006." Not sure about the ceiling or the exposed concrete, and hey, watch the hands, pervert! A 1,181 square foot two-bedroom, it's listed at $899,000.
· 7135 HOLLYWOOD Blvd [Redfin]