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CurbedWire: The Great Architect Auction

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ARTS DISTRICT: This would make a fine holiday present for your architect boyfriend. Architecture school SCI-Arc is holding an auction to sell the scribbles, drawings, and sneezes of some of our city's most interesting architects. Maltzan! Genik! So many more. And above, a drawing from Emergent's Tom Wiscombe--it's of the Taipei Performing Center. Details about the pieces, title of the artwork, name of the architect responsible for the work, dimensions and brief description, are in the gallery. The whole thing is taking place via email--you email a staffer your bid. Poor person in charge of that. Details after the jump. And the opening bid for each piece is $250, plus standard shipping.

All bidding closes, Friday December 12, 2008 at 5:00 PM PST.

1) Thoughtfully peruse these fabulous offerings
2) Decide how much you want to bid and on which piece(s)
3) Email with your bid and the name of the architect on whose piece(s) are bidding – before 5:00pm on Friday, December 12, 2008. Please also include your name, address, phone and email along with your bid.
4) You will be contacted by email indicating whether or not you won the bid.
5) If you win the bid, you will also be contacted by phone in order to provide payment information. Credit card (Master Card, Visa and American Express accepted), check or cash.
6) Bid will be finalized when payment is received.
7) Item(s) will be shipped to you via standard shipping (FED EX ground or UPS ground) upon receipt of payment.


960 East Third St., Los Angeles, California 90013