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One More Look Inside Schindler's Fitzpatrick House

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Yes, last Thursday night was a busy one for fans of architecture and preservation. In addition to the re-opening of Cole's downtown, Curbed also stopped by the holiday party for the MAK Center, at its newly-acquired Fitzpatrick House, off of Mulholland Drive in Laurel Canyon. (For those of you playing along at home, number of Schindler homes under the institutional stewardship of the MAK Center in LA: 3. Number of midcentury homes owned by LACMA after Michael Govan's promise to acquire them: 0). Previous owner Russ Leland had undergone a major ten year renovation after he acquired the house in 1990, so the MAK Center has done little since it was donated to them a few months ago. Hey, wait - there's a new plaque! We hadn't seen the house at night, so the recessed lighting is much more apparent in the dark. Sorry about the poor photo quality - we had only a cell phone to work with.
· Schindler's Fitzpatrick House Donated to MAK Center [Curbed LA]
· Fitzpatrick-Leland House [MAK Urban Futures Initiative]

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