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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Doug Ellin, Kardashians, Pauly Shore, Suge Knight

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The Beverly Hills Post Office home of "Entourage" creator, writer, and producer Doug Ellin is in escrow after being listed at $1.595 million. Real Estalker isn't a fan of the home, calling out everything from the giant brown leather recliner to the gazebo. The listing is here; it looks like the home was purchased in 1998 for $810,000. [Real Estalker]

They only purchased the home in June of 2006 for $2.85 million, but Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian, stars of reality TV show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," have listed their four-bedroom Hidden Hills home for $3.395 million. [Real Estalker]

Pauly Shore, who also was renting out that home above the Laugh Factory at one point, has listed another home for rent: This is a three-bedroom home on Solar Drive that's listed for $15,500 a month. It's got one of those crazy Infinity pools. [Real Estalker]

Marion "Suge" Knight's Malibu home was sold in bankruptcy court for $4.56 million. Previously, the 8,272-square-foot home had been listed at $6.2 million, but was sold "as is." [LA Times]