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Ask Curbed: My Landlord Is Selling My Building

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"hi curbed, quick question: I live in a three-unit home that's being sold. All the units are rent controlled. It looks like the landlord found a buyer. This new guy told me he intended to keep renting out some of the units and move himself into one (kicking out that one tenant, I guess? I guess he is just going to decide which unit to take--it could be mine, dunno). If I don't get the boot, can my rent be raised again? It was raised about six months ago. Also, overall, what are my rights right now? Am i just out on the street after the landlord sells (I am wondering if the new landlord wants to do improvements) or do they have to wait out my lease? (the old landlord made everyone sign short leases because of the possible sale.) I am just confused what happens when a landlord sells." [Curbed InBox]