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Historic Sun Mun Way Building For Sale

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If this loft at 949 Sun Mun Way is instantly recognizable, it's because it was featured in Dwell magazine last summer. The unit, and in fact, this whole building, can be yours--it's been listed for sale for $3.285 million. The couple that own the building (and live in that loft) are Dan Bernier and Amy Finn Bernier (the latter is an architect). According to the LA Conservancy's web site, the couple won a 2007 Conservancy Award for their work on the building. According to the listing for the building, which once housed the famous Madame Wong's club, there are two residential lofts, and four retail spaces (one looks like the shoe/clothing store Lion's Den). The listing agent tells us that the lofts will be vacated when the building closes escrow, while three of the four retail spaces are tenant occupied and will remain leased at closing. Official web site is here.

Via the LA Conservancy's site:

Owner/Developer: Dan Bernier and Amy Finn Bernier
Architect: Amy Finn Bernier
Contractor: RMG Construction, Inc. Rolando Martinez
Construction Manager: Dan Bernier
Exterior Painter & Woodworker: Peter Carpenter
Interior Painter: C. L. Winsten
Bryce Duffy

"Located in Chinatown’s historic Central Plaza, the building at 949 Sun Mun Way has a vivid history dating to 1939. The colorful, neon-lined building housed several restaurants, notably the Rice Bowl and Lim’s Café. The legendary Madame Wong’s punk and new wave club occupied the top floor in the 1970s and ‘80s. After the club closed in 1985, the building fell into decline and suffered greatly from two decades of deferred maintenance. As Chinatown’s revitalization started to take root, a couple purchased the property in 2003 and began adapting it for use as residential and creative office space. The project team brought the building back to life as lofts and storefronts while reclaiming its colorful past, and the owners moved their family into one of the lofts. Once again a vibrant part of the community, Sun Mun Way Lofts has played a key role in the continued revitalization of Central Plaza and Chinatown. "