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EaterTastings: Club Sushi Coming Soon (For Reals), The Association Opens Downtown, "Top Chef" Exit Interviews

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...
[Club Sushi Via Eater LA]

HOLLYWOOD: For the past three years, Arclight theatergoers have been taunted by the spectre of Club Sushi, which has been "coming soon" since 2006. Eater gets official word that the debut date is December 19th. Great timing, Club Sushi. Almost as good as your name.

DOWNTOWN: With everyone excited about Cole's re-opening, next door neighbor The Association almost went unnoticed. Eater tells us the "proper cocktail lounge" opened last night.

LOS ANGELES: "Top Chef" fans: Eater LA is doing exit interviews with the chefs that get the boot. Former Echo Park 15 chef Alex Eusebio talks to Lesley about getting the ax over a creme brulee.