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LA Live Marketing Ploy: Britney Spears Leaks

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NBC4's Patrick Healy pretty much lets the cat out of the bag, announcing that Britney Spears, currently on her "Circus" marketing blitz, will perform at tonight's opening for megadevelopment LA Live . According to Healy, LA Live staffers are making no attempt to stop the "leaks" that point to Britney. Writes Healy: "It's not hard to reconstruct the strategizing that led to LA Live's choice. In order to get maximum exposure for the kickoff, it wants a photographer and media magnet. Unlike say, a mayor or football coach [Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, University of Southern California Football Coach Pete Carroll will be there], video of Britney lighting the tree will make it on all of the TV shows that cover show biz. Not to mention the worldwide distribution of all those still photos of Britney with LA Live visible in the background." We like Britney, but why does this event feel so hollow? God, we're grinches.
· Jingle Belle: Britney Chosen by LA Live [NBC]


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