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Alhambra Condo Inferno Update

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This story was missed over the holidays, but apparently that Alhambra condo fire is looking increasing and increasingly suspicious. Writes Nathan McIntire in the Pasadena Star News: "From the time it was first proposed to the day it burned to the ground in a spectacular fire now believed to have been intentionally started, the Alhambra Golden Garden condo complex had a rocky history." According to the paper, a year ago development company J & L sold the project to Alhambra Golden Garden LLC, a real estate investment firm, who planned senior housing for the project. The, two weeks before the fire, city officials denied a request to modify building plans that would additional bedrooms in 20 units (the extra bedrooms were for medical workers, according to the project architect, who would help the seniors). "But commission members were critical of the design changes. Members said the new proposal would result in "less than the required minimum unit area for 12 of the units." In addition, commissioners ruled, the project had already "benefited from several variations when it was originally approved," according to city records. The commission voted unanimously to deny the request." [Pasadena Star News]