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New View-Blocking Tower Planned for Howard Hughes Center

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You got to feel bad for the poor residents of the Westchester Bluffs. When they're not coughing up dust from Playa Vista, they're getting peed on by drunken Loyola Marymount students. And now the bastards at the Howard Hughes Center are erecting a twenty-four story condo tower to ruin their northerly views. Gary Walker of The Argonaut reports that plans for a 24 story tower at 6055 Center Drive and a smaller 7 story tower at 6040 Center Drive are quickly making their way through the planning department, to the chagrin of Westchester Bluffers who can't takes no more:

The possibility of having another high-rise in close proximity to them has upset some Westchester homeowners who live in the bluffs that overlook the area. "The cumulative development that surrounds us is a very big concern to me and many of my neighbors," said Myra Kriwanek, who has lived on the bluffs for over 25 years. "So there is definitely a need for more responsible development that does not negatively impact our quality of life."

The Entrada Tower project site — a proposed 12-story, 176-foot-high office complex next to the Radisson Hotel — that is in Culver City, but within a few feet of the Los Angeles border, would be in direct view of many of the hilltop residents in Westchester. Kriwanek and many of her neighbors say that the tower would obstruct the northern view of many of those who live in the bluffs, which was a prime reason that some purchased homes there more than three decades ago. "It's really starting to look like an oasis surrounded by development," Kriwanek lamented. "And it's getting more difficult to get off."

A hearing notice about the project, forwarded to Curbed by reader Will Campbell in November, indicated that the seven story building at 6040 Center Dr. will contain 325 apartment units and 1,500 square feet of retail. The 24 story tower at 6055 Center Dr. will contain 275 condominium units. The project is being developed by Equity Office Properties and will be "part of the build out" of Howard Hughes Center, that will include the previously discussed Gensler-designed 5901 Center Drive.
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