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Trellis Redux: Frank Gehry's El Segundo Compound

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As previously covered, architect Frank Gehry is packing it up and heading south, moving to new offices in El Segundo by early next year. There are two buildings, at 2352 Utah Ave. and 2345 Alaska Ave (respectively), that'll be remodeled, while there are also plans to build a structure in between--and looks like that area is getting the trellis treatment. Here's how the Architects Newspaper sums it up: "A new wood trellis structure by Gehry to connect them bears striking resemblance to the pavilion that the architect built for London’s Serpentine Gallery this past summer. The trellis appears to consist of large wood planks projecting at skewed angles, although the intensity of their disorder is certainly toned down from the London project." [Images via the Gehry]
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