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Rumblings & Bumblings Answers: Disney Fan, Yet Another Gas Station

Thank you again for keeping the questions coming. If you want to stuff questions into next week's holiday Rumblings' stocking, please email us questions at And here are the answers to Tuesday's questions...

MULHOLLAND DRIVE: In regards to that large "D" (pictured) mounted on a hill below the water tower near Mulholland Drive, the giant letter is on the property/home of Richard Kraft, a Hollywood agent who collects Disney memorabilia and who produced the 2006 documentary "Kraftland". Yes, that's Disney typeface. Via Flickr user EliCube.

BEVERLY HILLS: In regards to the empty lot on the southwest corner of Olympic and Robertson in Beverly Hills? Said commenter JRB: "It was a gas station. Mobil may still own it, at the very least big $$ would be required to clean it up before building anything there. Old gas stations tend to just sit fenced off for a looooong time. See also the NE corner of Olympic and La Cienega, NE corner of Robertson and Burton Way, etc." Yes, gas station is always the go-to answer on these empty lot questions.
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