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CurbedWire: Year Change for Pavilion? Design Talk, Pool Inspections

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DOWNTOWN: Some funny things are happening at the corner of Venice Blvd and Grand Avenue in downtown. Via the web site for the Loke Medical Arts Pavilion: "The Loker Medical Arts Pavilion will be prominently located on the campus of California Hospital Medical Center (CHMC) on the corner of Venice Boulevard and Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles. Construction is anticipated to be completed in the fall of 2008!" Yes, 2008. But look closely. If we're not crazy, someone just changed the 8 to a 9 on the sign. [Curbed Staff]

MID-WILSHIRE: There's a big design shindig this Saturday at the A + D Museum. Entitled "Design Process Innovation," the all-day event (10 am-5:30pm) will bring together speakers (including Geoff Manaugh from BLDG Blog and Saffet Bekiroglu from Zaha Hadid Architects), moderators (Frances Anderton from KCRW, Architects Newspaper editor Sam Lubell), and many, many speakers. [A + D Museum]

LOS ANGELES: Did you know that pool inspection information can be found online? How does your apartment pool measure up? A friend forwards the latest inspection report for 4316 Edenhurst Avenue. FAIL for Edenhurst. [Curbed InBox]

A+D Museum

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