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Your Curbed Cup 2008 Winner: Culver City

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What a triumph. Culver City has swept Koreatown, winning with 60 percent of the vote to claim the 2008 Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year award. The win represents Culver City's growth in the last few years, not just 2008: The city has added numerous new restaurants, shown off some fancy renderings for townhomes, markets, and commercial buildings, and done work on the forthcoming Expo Line. Here's how Los Angeles magazine summed up Culver City in a June 2008 article: "By the ’70s, the changing economy had shuttered many of the area’s businesses. But a redevelopment push in the ’90s enticed architects like Eric Owen Moss and drew attention to the many historic gems. The past five years have seen an explosion of shops, restaurants, and galleries. Still, there are drawbacks—only the city’s downtown is walkable, and the streets are a confusing maze because of 42 annexations—but plentiful free parking alleviates the pain." Free parking, you say? As you continue to redevelop in 2009, don't lose all the grit and edge, Culver City. We don't need another Santa Monica. Congrats to all who made the finals, and thank you for voting.

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